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Unlimited SMS mobile plans versus SMS APIs


Unlimited SMS mobile plans versus SMS APIs

Hi, considering the fact that all SMS APIs (for application development) out there only offer pay-as-you-go SMS plans (scaling with SMS volume), does a mobile phone with unlimited SMS really has unlimited SMS ? Would I get blocked trying to send 1 million SMS segments per months ? If not, instead of using an SMS API (let's say Twilio) with a pay-as-you-go plan that would cost around 400$/month to handle around 50k SMS (and scaling), I could get a mobile plan with unlimited SMS and connect the phone to my server to automatically handle these 50k+ SMS for only ~34$/month. I must be missing something...

Moderator - Solution Expert

Hi! Although our plans offer unlimited SMS, it's important to note that they are meant for a normal, residential-type, use. With such a high volume, you would swiftly be blocked by our security systems. This is most likely why ''by volume'' plans exist.  Have a great day!

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