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The Worst Company


Hi Everyone I would like to share my case with you , 2 months ago i decided to sign up with videotron , which is the worst decision ever after i signed up for my account and paid 600 dollars for my new phone the service wasnt working because the system of videotron crashed on boxing day so i decided to return my phone and cancel my services its been two months that im trying to get my money back and below are the excuses they are giving me 

1) We Just received confirmation from finance department and the amount will be paid this week ( I received this answer 4 times )

2) We have two employees in the finance department one of them is on vacation the other is soo busy that she doesnt have time 

3) The amount was approved by the finance but unfortounately it was rejected by the compliance department 

4) The finance department doesnt have the authority to refund amounts over 500 dollars 

5) You should be receiving the amount by cheque 1 month later sorry sir but it was a mistake from our end the money will be refunded to the card you used 

6) After Speaking to three Supervisors ( Kamara , Jean philipe, And Mathiew ) none of them could do anything about the case

7) After speaking to 9 customer service representives which i decided not to share there employee ID number each one of them gave me a different excuse


Finally i wanted to warn you all dont deal with this company horrible customer service , problems between departments , nobody is honest and until today i havent received my money back. i will make sure to inform any of my friends to never deal with such a company that doesnt respect its customers and most importantely they act as if they are a professional and big company when they are not there customer service representives work from home and the finance department has two employees also the wait time is ridicoulous and thats ofcourse due to the amount of complaints and dissatisfied customers 


Dont ever Deal with this company 


Best Regards 


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello zaidk, 


We are truly sorry to hear about that situation. 


It want to offer a Customer Service simple and effective. 


We would like to discuss the situation with you.  We invite you to contact us in private with your contact informations.


Thank you !

A New Update From Videotron Great Customerservice After Being put on hold for 40 min the customer service representitive informed that i wont be able to speak to supervisor because this is there procedures 


They Keep Amuzing me with there answered Highly unprofessional staff