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no volte for byod

so i bought a phone online and its obviously compatible with videotron, i had the iphone 7 and had volte enabled then i switched over to an lg phone that i bought fully unlocked online, its annoying that it swtiches to 3g when im making calls i dont understand why they dont allow it to stay on 4g.. everytime i make a call it switches to 3g and drops from 4 to 1 bar.. if they really wanted to provide the best service to their customers they should.. why should we have to buy one of your phones on a contract just to get volte on our android phones.. this is so frustrating


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Not having VoLTE has nothing to do with byod. 

With android devices, you need a compatible firmware with Videotron’s VoLTE network. Also, your device needs to be on the supported list.


What is the exact model number of your device? Is it at least a Canadian version of this device?

i was told by a rep i cant get volte because it was not from videotron itself. lg v30+ us998.  not a canadian model i think its from verizon buts its fully unlocked

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The rep was right because this is the only way they officially support VoLTE. They said, usually you can get phones from other Canadian providers to work on videotron (firmware on Canadian models are mostly the same for all providers in Canada).... but since yours is from Verizon, you are out of luck. It doesn’t matter if it’s unlocked... it doesn’t have the proper firmware to connect to videotron volte service.

thats what i dont understand is i bought an unlocked iphone 7 that was from verizon aswell on ebay and they activated volte for me to use, so why cant android phones do that

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Android devices are different beasts... most are built with firmware specific to providers selling the devices. 


iPhone are all the same... it doesn’t matter if you buy it from Videotron, T-Mobile, AT&T, Rogers, Telus, Bell or directly from Apple... you are essentially getting the exact same device with the same firmware. Only the lock status may be different (by the way all Canadian sold devices are unlocked or you can get them unlocked for free). 

The operator configuration file is automatically downloaded when you insert a new SIM card... this will automatically apply specific settings for your provider. 

As long as your provider has some kind of support for iPhones, you will be fine. 

yes i understand that but i just think that there should be a way where videotron can check for us and allow us to use volte, it just sucks we have to experience 3g and signal drops when a call is made or recieved and the call isnt even clear..

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Manufacturers make this more complex to manage for providers... they could release one universel firmware like apple is doing for their iPhone... but no one (except Google with their Pixel phones) is doing it on the Android side. 

Sadly Videotron cannot support every single Android devices... this would require manually flashing the device or get the manufacture to build a custom firmware that would work with videotron network for your device... this is simply not feasible. 


I guess at some point in the future whenVoLTE is more common... all devices will be compatible... but we are not there yet.