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Is roaming charge possible to happen in area even not near US border?

I'm taking my phone with me to Eastern Ontario cottage area. I am checking the possibility of roaming charges. 

Suppose Videotron's partner in that area is Rogers. If the cottage area is not covered by Rogers, but instead covered by Bell. My take is my phone will automatically roam to Bell, which is considered as extended network(but not partner) of Videotron. In that case, roaming charge will happen. Is it right?


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there's no roaming charge if you "roam" on other canadian networks (bell/telus). 

you just want to make sure that your usage in these network do not go beyond 50% of your total montly usage. If you you go over 50% for 3 consecutive months (maybe 2... I'm not sure), Videotron may cut you from roaming on these networks. 


when in Ontario, make sure you are not roaming on US networks.

I was in the Canada Upper Village region... there was no or very low coverage on Canadian Networks where I was... and my iPhone was sometimes connecting to one of the US networks accross the river. I don't really mind because I have a Canada/USA plan... but I had a friend with me that didn't have that kind of plan... and he got the $6 roam like home option charged on his line for that day. 

I live in Ottawa, but travel frequently along Hwy 7 (to Peterborough) and the 416/401 to Picton, so I have experience with roaming outside of Videotron's network.


There are no charges for roaming on Rogers or Bell's networks in these areas. 


I have had times where my phone would have "No Service"... I think it's because the phone doesn't have up-to-date information about the networks. Usually a reboot will download new service data, and solve the problem.


Another problem when roaming on Rogers or Bell may be that you have phone service but no internet. To solve this, you will sometimes need to go into your cellular settings and disable automatic network selection, to choose a specific network instead. Just remember to re-enable automatic selection when you're back home.