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iPhone 14 Pro


Wondering why Videotron shows the iPhone 14 Pro as "In Stock" on their website, while currently they claim there are 0 (zero) phones in their inventory, both in-store or at their call centre. I ordered 2 iPhone 14 Pro's last week. I wanted the 128 GB option, but they said those were out of stock and they only had 256 GB option. So, I ordered the two iPhone 14 pros 256 GB. Now they tell me those are also out of stock. Seems no one knows when they will be back in stock or what is going on.


It's frustrating to experience discrepancies in product availability. In such cases, it's recommended to directly contact the customer support of the service provider, Videotron, to get accurate and up-to-date information about your iPhone 14 Pro order. They can provide insights into stock levels, expected restocking times, or potential alternatives. Keep an eye on their official communication channels or consider visiting a physical store for real-time assistance.