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Disappointing Delivery iPhhone

I am extremely disappointed with the delivery service that Videotron uses: Planete Courier/Puralator.

I waited all Thursday and the shipment was delayed due to a snow storm, which I understand. The next day, I wait all day and I receive and e-mail saying that the delivery attempt happened, no one answered and that I need to pick up the phone in 3 days at a different location.


I was home the whole time and no one rang my doorbell.

I'm extremely upset that I wasted my time and I NEED a cellphone.

I have these new contracts and would like to use the  phone that I've now been waiting for over a week to use.


This is very disappointing.


Moderator - Solution Expert
Moderator - Solution Expert



We are sorry to read this. We invite you yo answer our message in private please.


Thank you!