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cant turn off Conditional call forwarding


im missing jobs becurse of this, and im getting sick of it, it wont even turn off "always forward", i try ring 901, and it ends the call, its says its disabled but all it give me is a option to put in another number,i dont have another number,so i turn to you guys and nothing works, im at a stage where ive throw the phone against the wall its that bad,the (busy,unanswered,and unreachable can stay on thats fine,but come on let me get access to my mail,bring back the good old nokia 3310 i had no issuses what so ever,


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You can try to dial #21# or ##21# to disable “forward all”

its said it accepeted the code but still says same thing,and hangs up on me, ive just tryed both codes


ill just buy new phone sod it,sorry its that bad for me, ill just take a hammer to it



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When dialing theses codes, it won’t actually make a call... the code will just be sent to the network to disable call forward.
If that doesn’t work, you should call tech support... maybe something is messed up with your line.

I agree, could be the user settings in the profile.

My last SIM (first one didn't have this problem) makes so that a pie  notification pops up EVERY TIME I  make a call saying " Conditional call forwarding enabled" when the only things enabled are the default " VM on busy, unreachable, not in service ".


Just make sure that in the dialer settings you don't have call forwarding enabled by accident. It is likely something you checked already, but I trust that setting over the codes. 

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did you try to go to a Vidéotron location and have them change your SIM card?