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2-step verification text message not working

I just made the switch over to videotron from bell. I usually have websites that I sign into that send me a code by text and I enter that code to sign in. It's not working with videotron service. Anyone else had this problem and if I call videotron can they fix it? If not I'll cancel my lines because it's really dumb that they block stuff like that

Moderator - Solution Expert
Moderator - Solution Expert

Hello Alex!


While we do not typically block these kind of messages, a specific type of blockage, that of inbound Premium SMS and MMS messages, can occasionally block these types of text messages. I recommend contacting our Customer Service to remove those blockages from your mobile phone line. Also make sure that you are able to receive regular text messages. If you cannot, it means your mobile line's activation is not complete and you will need to contact our Customer Service to resolve that issue as well. 


I hope this helps!