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Data limit option turned off without authorization

I’m going to start by saying, I have been with Videotron for a while now. I have had multiple services with them over the years and recently I have been regretting staying with them.

I have a 20 GB mobile plan. I never go over my limit. I have now been charged 797$ for 5.3GB of data overage. Keep in mind I have Videotron internet and am on Wi-Fi day in and out unless I am out of the house, I am a stay at home mom so how could one go over her 20GB per month?

After speaking to customer service I was informed that my data limit option was TURNED OFF. I was asked if I was out of the country as well, in which I wasn’t and haven’t been since birth. I didn’t even know there was a data limit option!! as again I have 20GB of data and I never go over because I am in Wi-Fi for 90% of my time.

I asked them if I went over because of my internet service, as it isn’t the best Wi-Fi coverage and asked to know if my services were working correctly because it really doesn’t make sense to me as to why I went over if I’m in Wi-Fi daily. She said she couldn’t help me any further and to just file a complaint.

After going back and forth with her, For 5.3 GB I must pay 797$.. for an option on my account that I didnt even turn off and being told I have been traveling when I haven’t left Quebec, let alone Canada.

The customer service agent then told me again that there’s absolutely nothing she can do for me and I must file a complaint. So I did file a complaint with low hopes of finding a solution to this mess.

I think this might be the end of the road for me and Videotron, i always have different charges on every billing cycle, I never go over my data, and I’m being charged absurd amounts and told that It is my fault and I must have turned off my data overage limit that was set on my account… instead of them helping me and retaining me as a loyal customer they are pushing me further away and I am looking into a new provider if this cannot be rectified as soon as possible.

Do better Videotron.

Modérateur - Expert Solution
Modérateur - Expert Solution

Hello courtneeymary, 


We are sorry to hear about that situation and would like to discuss it with you. 


In order to proceed, we invite you to send us your informations by private message.  


Thank you,