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WI-FI on EMG2926 works perfect with iOs but not with Windows as of December 2019

WI-FI on EMG2926 worked perfectly with iOs and Windows since installation, about a year ago. But as of December 2019, wi-fi only works with iOs not with Windows. I did all resets possible and videotron sent me a new EMG2926 but the problem remains. Cannot open a web page with the EMG2926 tru wi-fi in Windows, but strangely enough, I can open web pages with the EMG2926 tru wi-fi in iOs. Replacing the EMG2926 with an old Linksys E2500 router fixes everything. Please note: EMG2926 works fine with ethernet cables and Windows, but not with wi-fi and Windows. What is going on with both EMG2926 wi-fi and Windows? Can anyone help?


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Strange, have you tried a network reset on your windows system?

Yes I tried a Network Reset with no success. What is strange, Wi-fi in Windows works perfectly with a Linksys E2500 router but not with a EMG2926 router. However Wi-fi works perfectly with a EMG2926 router in iOs. 

Hi Philipvideotron. Regarding this situation, we strongly suggest you reach us by chat or by phone and our teams will take a look at your router and Windows computer: < >. Before reaching us, make sure you have done the following tests:


1- Factory reset of the router

2- Update of your Windows network adapter

3- A test directly in the router with an ethernet cable ( rj-45 )

4- If possible, a test with another Windows desktop or laptop 


Thank you!