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Videotron runied my credit score for a 20$ router

I was a loyal customer of Videotron with multiple accounts since 2018 and didn't miss a single payment. Recently I canceled one of the internet services which I provide for my tenants.
Since I do not live in these addresses, I always sign up for e-invoices!
After cancelation, Videotron invoices me for a router that I was paying for 6 years!!! WITHOUT informing me and then reports to credit office and my score dropped from 820 to 680 in a single night.
I checked and the same model router is on Kijiji for 20$.
My credit score is my livelihood and Videotron single handedly ruined it.
Never ever will buy any services and neither will let anyone in my family and friends buy any services from them any more!

Moderator - Solution Expert
Moderator - Solution Expert

Hello AlexAmm


We are truly sorry to read that. In order to better serve you, we invite you to communicate with us via one of the following communication channels: Facebook Messenger, Twitter, Instagram, our live chat (https://videotron. com/us-join) or by phone at 1-877-512-0911.