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Smart doorbell

I’m having no luck connecting my SkyBell doorbell to Helix. I did finally figure out how to disable the 5 GHz and attempted to connect using 2.4 GHz but still no luck. Videotron has no doorbells or cameras listed in their compatible smart devices. Has anyone else successfully added a doorbell camera to Helix and if so what brand?

Moderator - Solution Expert
Moderator - Solution Expert

Good morning Pamelas23,


When you say that you were able to disable the 5 GHz network, do you mean that you've created two networks like this? 


Go to the HelixFi app on your phone

Go to the Connect tab

Go to See network

Click on your WiFi network ( just at the right of the WiFi logo )

Click on the white pencil logo in the top right corner

Check the box "Use different names and passwords for 2.4 and 5 GHz"

Create a 2.4 GHz network name and a 5 GHz network name. Make sure to create two different SSID's. Finally, create a WiFi password for those two networks.

Then don't forget to click on Apply.