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Rogers vs Videotron


I have a 950 xl dual sim on Rogers network. Even if in settings I can choose between 4g, 3g, 2g, I can get LTE. I saw it because of a L letter showing just beside the 2nd sim icon.

Tonight I went to a Videotron store to test my phone on their network. Videotron made an agreement with Rogers to share the same network for 20 years. On GSMarena website, my phone specs shows that it support 1700/2100 band that Videotron need. 

So the clerk put his videotron SIM in my phone in place of my SIM. Restart my phone and never be able to get LTE. In fact the icon was cycling between E,3G, H+. Even lost of network. We checked the APN settings with the technical support and everything was ok.

So why does it happen ? On paper the lumia 950 xl has everything to be compatible with every network.

When he install his SIM back in his nexus 5 phone, he got full LTE, 5 bars, steady.

And the maximum speed I got on Rogers is 48 mb/s

You are more than welcome if you have any idea on this.



I don't think the sharing agreement applies to places that has videotron towers. The agreement is more for when videotron clients travel outside the videotron footprint.


Are you forcing your phone to be on the PRTNR1 network vs Videotron? I find if Videotron towers are present, it won't go to LTE on PRTNR1.