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You mention Videotron customers will be compensated if they use their data id they have cell service with Videotron. What about the others. I had to use my Fido phone data (hotspot) all day for work. I really not impressed with Videotron. No info on how long it will last. No ine answers the chat or phine line. Pathetic. Time to change provider.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Sorry @Alvaro, if you are not a mobile client with us there's nothing we can do. You might want to check with Fido if they offer something to their clients. 


As for our phone lines, I'm sure you will understand that many people are trying to reach us currently and that our customer service representatives are working extra hard to answer everyone even if many of them are in the same situation than you and I. 

Thank you for your reply. Means ltlle to me. Especially when next doir neighbor who is a Bell customer has interner and phone service. Currently Saturday 6:30 pm, 3 days with no internet service nor home line. Maybe I would be more understanding if at least Videotron answered their tech line and gave me an estimate of how much longer this will last. As for your idea of getting my cell provider to give ne free data because your services are down, i don't think they will accept. If the roles were reversed would Videotron accept?

I would think the bare minimum would be an update by email. I guess customer service is nor on top of your list. I guess I must be part of thd unlucky 20%. Incidentally i live in Montreal. More specifically in Rosemont not in some rural area. Regards, a very disappointed and dissatisfied soon to be x-client.