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Order Internet service for location that already has an internet service provider


Where I live, my landlord pays for Videotron's internet & cable services.

I have access to both of these services:

  • cable TV via a box in my apartment
  • internet via a wireless network made available through my landlord's router

Although cable TV is available in my apartment. I don't need it.

(Note: box is connected via cable to wall outlet) 


Unfortunately, the Wifi is weak. Not horrible, but if I want to work from home, I need

a dedicated connection. So, I want to order my own internet service

from an ISP (could be Videotron, haven't decided yet).


My building is small and has 4 units. Each of the units has the same setup that I have.

Except for the landlord, who has the modem and router. So, the landlord has the luxury, if need be, to connect directly to the router.


My question: Is it possible for me to order my own internet service at a location that already has cable and internet service? 









Moderator - Solution Expert
Moderator - Solution Expert

Hi Natureboy, 


We need to validate some information to be able to answer your question. Could you please call us at the 1-877-380-2511? 


Thank you!