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Only IPv6 is working


I've tried power cycling and a factory reset my Helix modem to no avail. Only IPv6 supported websites are currently working for me such as some Google, Microsoft & Meta associated websites, some of Videotron's (such as the forum) and miscellaneous websites. Other services such as Steam (& video games), Amazon and Outlook on IPv4 cannot be accessed.


Moderator - Solution Expert
Moderator - Solution Expert

Hello Nokodezu! 


If this situation only affects one computer, I recommend making sure that IPv4 is enabled in your computer's network settings. If the situation affects multiple computers/mobiles/tablets, this could be an issue with the configuration of your network. 


Are you using the Helix gateway only or do you also have a personal router in addition to the gateway? 




Just the Helix gateway and it's affecting all devices. It began after the gateway updated on 10/2.

Moderator - Solution Expert
Moderator - Solution Expert

In that case we would suggest you to contact our tech support concerning this situation. They will be able to access your account and check this with you. You can reach them by phone or chat at the following adress: « »