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I have been with videotron for many years now and with no issues.  Recently, I noticed that email older than 6 months are all missing in my inbox.  My email client is Zimbra on mac and I have multiple accounts. none of my other accounts has this issue.  I don't know what happened.  Was wondering if videotron support can verify logs to see what happened to those emails, or if anyone has any ideas what may have happened.  On the mobile, i use iphone mail.


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If you leave your emails on the server, anything older than 1 year still in the inbox folder will be automatically deleted.

I understand this, but my wonder is that I have emails starting of June 9, 2018.  I wonder what happened to the first 6 months.  Can videotron verify what happened ?

@bgervasi wrote:

 Can videotron verify what happened ?

Nothing much we can do if the emails are gone.

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small tip to help you not lose emails...

create folders in your Videotron mailbox... and move your important emails to theses folders. 


My father in law is using his videotron mailbox on his iPad and Mac... all in imap... when he moves emails to the archives folder, it looks like they stay there forever (he has emails from 2014 in his archives).