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LAN IP address assignments - DHCP VS Reserved VS Static

Newbie with the Helix router.  Why is it that if I want to assign a static IP to my servers and printers, the address needs to be in the DHCP pool?  Seems conter-intuitive...  In my personal case, I wanted to reserve IPs

  • .50-.99 for network equipment
  • .100-.125 for servers
  • .150-.175 for printers
  • .200-.253 for the DHCP pool


So I modified the DHCP scope OK, but when I then selected one of my servers from the device list and tried to make it static at, I got an error saying that IP was not in the DHCP range.  Feature or bug?



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Moderator - Solution Expert
Moderator - Solution Expert

Hello, sorry about the delayed reply. After further verification, it doesn't seem possible to assign an IP from the admin panel (hence the error) because the DHCP of the gateway is handling that. The workaround is to specify an IP out of the DHCP scope directly in the advanced settings of your device. Then it will be listed under that manual IP on the admin page.

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