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Helix Modem/Router Making a Constant Humming Noise


Helix Modem/Router Making a Constant Humming Noise

   I have just switched to Helix Internet service since last week. I have notriced the Helix modem/router makes a constant humming sound. It isn't loud but since the room is always quiet, it is easily heard. It's annoying since it never ends and has a bit of high pitch into it. I am wondering if your modem/router also makes this noise or perhaps my device is faulty? I appreciate your repsonse.


Thank you.


Mine hums too, but I can't say it bothers me. You could try putting adhesive felt pads wherever it comes into contact with whatever it is sitting on, as wood furniture or floors will otherwise amplify the sound it's making.

Mine hums too- it's very annoying.


Yes. It's very annoying and I expect Videotron to fix it. This equipment is obviously very cheap


Mine does also. I expect VIdeotron to fix this. This equipment is obviously very cheap.

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Good evening everyone. 


A noisy Helix gateway is definately not normal. There's a fan to cool down the gateway, that said, it has been observed to be noisier on some units. It is a known problem.We also seen gateways that were noisier when installed into a close area like an enclosure, a shelve or a corner that can resonate. We invite you to contact our tech support so we can handle the case and propose a remplacement unit that will be more silent. 

You can reach us by chat, by phone or through facebook, we will be glad to assist you with that. 

Thanks for asking. It is a very good question. 


-Alex D


Mine makes probably the same humming noise. It is installed in my bedroom!😤

The problem is that this humming noise is not constant it tends sometimes to have a higher pitch.

I thought I was alone in this .... I will definitely call Vidéotron!


Keep Videotron honest. It took three changes, but I finally got a Helix that was acceptably quiet. Be perisitant. 


Ya, this constant hum is terribly annoying! I had the Gateway replaced because of the noise but the second one is just as loud. When the Videotron technician was here setting up the replacement, I overheard him talking to someone at Videotron about "...another one of these that's really loud…", so it's clearly a common problem. His only suggestion was to move the gateway to another room, which does not work in my case.


So, the Helix gateway is excellent at providing a strong signal throughout my condo but it sounds like a neighbour left their vacuum cleaner on and went on vacation. 


I may request another replacement.


Same for me hope it will be updated in an update to make the fan turn slower. That booze is awful. I don’t know how in 2020 or 2019 conception you can put a tiny fan in a device like that. At least put a 120mm

Anyone know if the newer models have the same issue? I've got the black model, maybe the newer ones don't have the humming noise?

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