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Helix fi channel


I would like to know if any body know how to change the channel on the helix fi admin account. Its actually on the channel 11 and I have to much people around me on the same channel. I've try to change it manually but everytime I want to save it the settings are switching back to automatic and channel 11.


You can login to to reach the wifi config page where you can switch the channel selection from Automatic to Manual and chose your prefer one.

I did a change for the 5Ghz radio to channel 52 to avoid clashing with my neighbor, most cheap wifi router you cannot go to the DFS channel in 5Ghz which give you more channel then the 36-48 149-161.

I was surprise the DFS channels were available, on the Bell router you can only configure 36-48 149-161.

But I suggest you to use 5Ghz, you can configure a different ssid name for the 5Ghz, the 5Ghz is much faster because it supports 802.11ac high speed, you can practically have speed on wifi easily in the 400Mbits/s where in 2.4ghz, it will be almost impossible unless you are alone.

By default, if you configure the wifi out-of-the-box, the same ssid name will be for 2.4 and 5G, but you can change that, only newer ipad or android are smart enough to chose 5Ghz if both radio share the same ssid name. 

Moderator - Solution Expert
Moderator - Solution Expert

The above solution is sound, however I would like to add a few details: 


It's much more convenient to do this using Helix-Fi ( or using the Helix-Fi mobile app ). You can do this from the Connection tab, then going to View Network and Modify. You also don't need to be connected to your network to do this via Helix-Fi (you can do this from Mars as long as you have an Internet connection).


The Channel selection options will only be available on Helix-Fi after the SSIDs have been split between the two bands. 


If you are using Helix Pods, it is not possible to separate the networks by band, therefore this solution will not be available. However, the Helix Gateway (like most routers) will typically pick the least congested channel when it reboots.



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HI, I'm guessing the interface changed since you posted this comment because under "Connection" (which is now just "connect" and under "see network" and then Edit.... you can only edit the wifi SSID and passwords.... no channel options.


Help! Because everyone is crowding the 155 and the speeds are garbage...

Yes, I would like to be able to change the channels for the wifi as well.

Been trying to change channel also but everything is greyed out. Cant do anything.... I dont really like not having control on my router... and the coverage of the router itself is really poor and signal unstable. Please help! 

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Moderator - Solution Expert

Hello xDaveCee,


We have sent you a private message. 


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Hello Jean-Fancois
I am having the same problem with channel congestion. I would really like to change to channel 134 on my 5 Ghz channel.

Hello JF,
I would like to the same thing on my Helix (change the 5Ghz channel from 151 to 134 to avoid congestion). All of the settings are locked. How can I make the change.



i have split the SSIDs but i still cannot see the option to change the channel in the app. In the gateway it is still in grey so read only. Do i need to wait some time ? or do something more ?



Hey @JFrancoisD , I have the exact same issue on my Helix.
Can't find anything on the app (which is terrible btw, why doing a mandatory app that has less configuration than the router itself?) and the web configuration is greyed out.
Can you help me?


I ran a WiFi scan using my phone at various points in my apartment and found that my Helix router has chosen literally the worst possible WiFi channels. Any help fixing this would be appreciated.

Moderator - Solution Expert
Moderator - Solution Expert

Hello Kayosweaver!


As long as the band-steering feature is enabled (both networks are joined under one SSID), the Helix Gateway will analyze the Wi-Fi environment and adapt by selecting the best channels and bands for each device. This process can take up to 48 hours.


If you have separated the bands, thus disabling band-steering via Helix Fi, you can manually select channels in your Wi-Fi network settings. If channel selection is left automated, like most routers, the Gateway will also scan and automatically select the least congested channel when rebooted. 


I hope this helps!




Hi FrancoisD,


currently, I have 2 separate wifi SSID for 2.4G and 5G. I have a device on the 2.4G wifi that connect intermintently, probaly due to interferencies, I want to change manually the channel used for the 2.4G from 11 to 6 or 1, I had a very good connexion before (I was on Bell), and this problem is new. Also, please tell me where we can find the RF Power Level control.


Actually, the Helix FI is located in my home basement, where there is practically no RF coming from outside to the router, so I suspect the Helix FI doesn't "see" all the interferencies present at the ground floor, and unfortunately, it choose a bad channel, it is necessary to adjust manually the correct channel.