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Helix Fi 2 Gateway router for wired devices

Hello Community!


A question for your all.
I am looking to switch to Videotron internet with the latest Helix Fi 2 gateway.
In my current setup, I have a cable modem connected to a Wire/Wifi Router, with a wired printer and personal cloud (NAS).

If I understand correctly, the Helix Fi 2 gateway is an all-in-one cable modem+wired/Wifi router, is that correct?

Would I encounter any issue to plug my printer and personal cloud (NAS) into the ethernet ports on the Helix Fi 2 gateway?

I could not find any clear guidance on this, and one article suggested that depending your network setup, you may need to enable "bridge" mode on the Helix Fi 2 gateway and connect to my existing router.

Thanks in advance to anyone who can help clarify my understanding.


Moderator - Solution Expert
Moderator - Solution Expert

Hello Chris, what kind of details would you like to know? If you already have your own router and local network set up, you may want to keep it as is and only use the gateway as a modem thanks to Bridge mode.


Have a nice evening and weekend!

Thank you.
It was only to confirm my understand regarding the functionality of the Helix FI 2 gateway.
Is it safe to assume it is an "all-in-one" combination of a Cable Modem + Ethernet/Wifi router?
Therefore, any devices connected via ethernet to my exisiting router (e..g Personal Cloud, Printer), should be able to be plugged into the gateway without any issue?
My network setup is not complicated, I am just curious if the Helix FI gateway can replace my exisiting router?
Thanks in advance to confirm.