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Email Question

Hi all,


   I'm wondering if there is some sort of filtering or blocking of emails. Some family members and I are part of an email group and we are not receiving those email however other people (not subscribed using videotron email) are getting those emails. Is there some way to know if those emails are being filtered? I've checked to make sure that if not in my spam filter or filtered into a different folder in my outlook.


Any ideas?


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Vidéotron do have some spam filtering...

problably the mailing list is sending email from an known spamming host or is badly configured.

also when there are too many recipients in the email, it will be automatically be blocked by some server (again to protect against spam).


You might want to contact technical support for that... 

I doubt that anything could be done... but maybe they will be able to somewhat whitelist the mailing list (if coming from a mailing list) to let the emails go through