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Your phone to make time fly, without going over your data cap!





We’re all confined during the COVID-19 pandemic, your already useful phone is proving to be a valuable tool to keep you informed and connected to your work, family and friends. More importantly, it’s easy to entertain yourself with it, especially when your TV has been taken over by your kids or partner!


Stay informed without going over

You probably already had habits with your phone, but now that you have more time to stay informed about the latest developments in this Coronavirus crisis, be careful not to go over your mobile plan’s data cap.


To avoid additional fees, you can:

  • Make sure you are connected to your home Wi-Fi network if you have one and also activate Wi-Fi Calling on your smartphone to optimize receiving calls at home. If you don’t have home Wi-Fi, you can easily add a data block online in the User Centre + app, without having to contact our customer service.
  • Check your data use in the User Centre + app to see how much you’ve used and what you have left before reaching your cap.
  • Lower the quality of YouTube videos you’re watching. All you have to do is click on the Settings icon in the bottom right of the video and choose the option.


Connecting to the world

Keep your social habits by staying connected to the outside world using messaging and video conferencing apps on your phone. They will allow you to virtually attend work meetings, get news from your friends and family, check in on your older loved ones and celebrate birthdays remotely.


Have fun exploring

Being able to entertain yourself will keep your spirits up as you make it through this confinement period.  Use this opportunity to discover new music and emerging artists or jump back into your favourite playlists that will make you lose track of time. Find the best music app for your tastes and needs, whether it’s a family dance night or a moment of Zen relaxation! Radio stations and digital radio stations like QUB radio can be there with you with music and news throughout the day.


All video content platforms offered on mobile device will provide you with entertainment at any time. You will not only be able to watch live TV channels, but also a wealth of on-demand content and all your recordings directly on your mobile device with the Helix app.


Try to see the good parts of this confinement period and find happiness in staying home!