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Winners: Top 10 most popular articles on the Community Blog

Rédacteur Web



On this World Blog Day, we’re celebrating the sixth anniversary of our very own Community Blog. Over the years, you’ve been generously posting your questions and comments on the Forum. They’ve been the inspiration for numerous articles, some of which have really made their way around the Web. Here are the 10 most popular, by theme, within the Videotron ecosystem. Check them out!


Tech tips


Helix: We answer the 10 most frequently asked questions 

Right this way for everything you ever wanted to know about Helix! Helpful answers on going from illico to Helix, available features, equipment, and much more.


Data backup 101 

How do you back up your data when you get a new mobile phone? An article by one of our specialists on how to protect your precious data, including pictures and contacts.


Must-have travel apps 

Before you go, check out this article to discover apps useful in various situations. They’ll help you convert currency, translate menus, stick to your budget, find a room, and more.


Rebooting your router: a simple solution to help speed things up! 

Often, just rebooting your router is all it takes to speed up an Internet network. Find out why, together with other advice for getting the most out of your network.


10 great tips for taking beautiful photos with your phone 

Sure, you take pictures with your phone, but are they as good as what the pros take? With these 10 tips, you’ll learn some of the basics of photography and master various features of your mobile device.


Changing TV channels 101 

Got illico TV? Here are four ways to set your digital recorder so you won’t miss episodes of your favourite shows.


10 tips to preserve battery life on your iPhone or Android device

Hands-on tips to extend the life of your phone’s battery when you can’t plug it in to recharge it. Did you know, for example, that some apps keep on using energy even when you aren’t using them?




Four ways to secure your computer 

The article starts out by explaining a few cybersecurity concepts, then discusses four ways to protect your computer, from the simplest to the most sophisticated.


How to avoid telephone fraud 

Learn about five common types of phone or text message fraud. Plus, get advice on how to avoid being scammed along the way.




Working from home: eight good habits for staying healthy 

This article, written during the pandemic, is as current as ever with teleworking still firmly established in so many people’s work lives. Learn or review the ground rules for staying in shape, both physically and psychologically, when working from home.


Interested in some other topics?

Tell us about the subjects you’d like to explore further by commenting below. Your ideas will keep our blog lively, engaging, and in sync with our amazing community.