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Top 3 back-to-school apps from Google

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#1: Never lose your work again with Google Drive


Google Drive is a virtual storage system that lets you sync and save documents via your Gmail account. You can later access your documents using the Google Chrome browser on any Windows, Apple or Android device.


To access Google Drive from your computer, simply:

  • Open Google Chrome
  • Expand the apps menu from the upper-right corner of the page
  • Click on Google Drive

After entering your user name and password, you'll have access to your Drive. Use Google Drive to save documents or download them to your computer's hard drive.

If you're using a tablet or smartphone, simply select the Google Drive app (installed by default on all Android devices, available for download from the App Store for all Apple devices).


Besides always keeping all your work within easy reach, Google Drive lets you scan documents using the camera function on your tablet or smartphone. This scanning function works by converting photos of your documents into PDF files, which you can then save, share or print.


Another great feature of Google Drive is the ability to collaborate on documents. The app lets you add collaborators who can view or edit files—a highly useful tool for team projects!


Collaborators must also have a Gmail account and access to Google Drive. To add collaborators:

  • First, save your document in Google Drive
  • Access the document's settings
  • Select “Collaborators”
  • Add each collaborator's Gmail account


#2: Taking notes has never been easier thanks to Google Keep


Google Keep is an app developed by Google that is available for download via the Google Play Store and Apple's App Store. Google Keep offers a range of note-taking tools including text, lists, images and audio.


Notes can be colour-coded, and you can add labels for easy organization. 


The app also lets you set up reminders for your notes. Reminders may be configured based on time (date and time) or even your location using geolocation. For example, you can create a note to remind yourself to pack your lunch before leaving home and set up a reminder based on your home address. As soon as you leave home, a notification will pop up on your phone.


You can also add collaborators on Google Keep in a similar way to Google Drive. Your notes will then be available for viewing and editing in real time by any collaborator. This feature can be particularly handy for coordinating projects, or simply creating a joint grocery list with your spouse.


#3: Never miss an event with Google Agenda


Whether you use it for work, school or personal life, Google Agenda is a great way to stay organized.

Got an important appointment coming up? Simply add it to your agenda, set up your personalized reminder and assign the event a colour that will make it stand out more. You can even enter an address and let Google Maps guide you to your destination.


You also have the option of adding other people via their Gmail accounts. The event will then show up on their agendas.

Finally, like all Google apps, Google Agenda is always accessible from your Gmail account on Google Chrome, no matter what device or platform you're using.


No more excuses! Now is the time to get organized!