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Technology and your health

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Community Manager



Struggling to maintain a good physical activity routine? The wide range of technology options on the market could give you a boost! Here are four uses of technology that can increase your motivation, help you stay fit, and thrill your inner geek.


  1. Track your physical activity

Many connected objects let you track your physical activity: smart watches, accelerometers, pedometers, activity bracelets, etc. These objects estimate the number of calories burned, calculate the number of steps taken, and monitor your heart rate, for example. This last piece of data allows you to train at the right intensity to obtain optimum benefits. And you can monitor your efforts in real time! Connected objects are generally easy to use and integrate into everyday life. They are a good gateway to health technologies.


  1. Train at home

Want to get fit, but not in front of dozens of strangers at the gym? Home workouts are becoming increasingly popular.  Hundreds of videos in various disciplines are uploaded to YouTube every day. One such example is the Grand défi Pierre Lavoie’s YouTube channel, where you can find professional yoga, cardio, and strength training sessions for children and adults. No more excuses: get off the couch and move!


  1. Analyze data to improve performance

You don’t need a coach (most of the time) when you have the right tools to analyze your performance! A host of apps that you can download to your mobile device lets you set goals and create alerts. They help you establish and maintain your training program, plan your outings, and improve your fitness. Some apps even rely on artificial intelligence to make recommendations.


One of the most recent analysis advances is the smart fitness mirror. With a screen that lets you follow a dance, boxing, fitness, or other class, smart mirrors can also analyze your movements and give you real-time feedback. But these devices don’t come cheap; retail prices start at around $2,000.


  1. Stay active while having fun

Not ready to switch from video games to physical activity? In this case, why not combine the two? Fitness gamification is a growing trend supported by the emergence of increasingly engaging and entertaining content.


A few years ago, Wii Fit got the ball rolling by introducing children and adults to exercise on a scale connected to the console, just as the Just Dance series nurtured the taste for dance in many people. Nintendo followed in 2019 with the Ring Fit Adventure. To advance in their quest, players must complete a variety of physical challenges while holding a ring in their hands, a feature inspired by the Magic Circle used in Pilates.


Today, virtual reality games like Beat Saber and Supernatural offer you an immersive training environment in the comfort of your home. Some games allow users to exercise in the metaverse and even compete with other virtual users.


If you don’t have a virtual reality headset, which is quite expensive, you can still have fun with games on your mobile phone. For example, Zombies, Run! is a game that encourages you to maintain a good running pace… so you don’t get caught by zombies. To each their own motivator!

The important thing is to get moving

While technology often encourages sedentary habits because it relieves us of many physical tasks, it is also an incredible health tool when used properly. Take the time to explore the connected objects, apps, online courses, and games at your disposal. You will certainly find an option that you like and that will motivate you to stay active.



Have you discovered a tech feature that encourages you to walk, run, pedal, or row? Share your success with thousands of other Quebecers by signing up for the 1,000,000 km Ensemble challenge on June 9 and 10, 2023, presented by Le Grand défi Pierre Lavoie. You’ll contribute to the collective total and improve your health outcomes!