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Do you know where to call when you need help?

Community Manager
Community Manager



There are many free telephone resources available when you need help. Are you familiar with them? Whether you need help with health problems, social issues, or crisis situations, don’t hesitate to call the following numbers. Check the organizations’ websites for hours of operation. 


If your well-being or safety is in immediate danger, dial 911. 


Checklist of useful numbers

Here are the key numbers to keep on hand: 


Community programs and social services 


Info-Santé and Info-Social 


Suicide Crisis Helpline 


Quebec Poison Control Centre 




Tel-jeunes parents 


The Mistreatment Helpline 


Caregiver Support Helpline 



Read on for details about each resource. 


Community programs and social services: 211 

211 is a hotline for finding social services near you. When you call, explain your needs and the agent will suggest programs or organizations that might be right for you. The areas covered are broad: food, housing, employment, advocacy, transportation, immigration, and more. Calling 211 can save you a lot of time. 


Info-Santé and Info-Social: 811

811 is a frontline service that provides answers to non-emergency medical or social questions. It’s divided into two branches. Option 1 takes you to Info-Santé, where you can get a nurse’s advice on health issues, and Option 2 takes you to Info-Social, a psychosocial consultation service. These resources are free and available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. 


Suicide Crisis Helpline: 988 

988 is a hotline for anyone who is having suicidal thoughts or is worried about a loved one. It lets you speak with a counsellor confidentially, without judgment, at any time. The service can also be reached by text. 


Quebec Poison Control Centre: 1-800-463-5060 

Have you or a loved one come into contact with a potentially toxic substance? Contact the Quebec Poison Control Centre to find out what you should do. If necessary, a professional will direct you to emergency services.   


A similar service is available for pets, for a fee. If your pet has accidentally ingested a substance that is harmful to them, contact the Pet Poison Helpline at 1-855-764-7661.  


Tel-jeunes: 1-800-263-2266

Tel-jeunes is a support service for teens. Teens can communicate with a counsellor via chat, text, or phone. All questions are welcome! The organization also offers the opportunity to chat with other teens trained in counselling. 


Tel-jeunes parents: 1-800-361-5085 

Sometimes parents need help too. Tel-jeunes parents is for parents who need advice or someone to talk to. Communication difficulties, exhaustion, family life, substance use—no subject is taboo. The service is also available via chat. 


The Mistreatment Helpline: 1-888-489-2287 

Elder abuse can be financial, material, physical, psychological, etc. If you believe you are a victim of abuse or if you witness abuse, contact The Mistreatment Helpline. A counsellor will listen and walk you through what to do, if necessary.  


Caregiver Support Helpline 1-855-852-7784 

The Caregiver Support Helpline is for caregivers who have questions or are experiencing difficulties. It lets you talk to a counsellor by phone, chat, or email for a helpful ear, information, and referrals. 


Find a listening centre in your area 

Can’t find what you’re looking for among the numbers above? See the list of listening centres by region (in French), including specialized hotlines by sector and clientele. 


More useful numbers 

Other short numbers connect you to convenient resources, such as municipal services (311), transportation information (511), and cab services (#TAXI). To find out more and for a complete list, see our useful numbers page. 


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