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Mathieu Roy, Technology Correspondent


A tech enthusiast, Mathieu Roy is a host and correspondent who has made a name for himself in the Quebec media over the past 20 years. His knack for simplifying technology and social media topics has earned him the admiration of many listeners.


He makes daily appearances on the TV show Salut Bonjour! to talk about his latest discoveries and tech-related news with irresistible excitement.


With his radio appearances, newspaper columns, Quart d’heure techno podcast, and articles for the Videotron Community forum, Mathieu Roy is a leading figure of Quebec’s tech landscape.



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Pixel 5: When Google becomes its own competitor

Last August, Google launched a heavyweight: the Pixel 4a, a versatile phone at less than $500. The company is now returning to its main line with the Pixel 5. Is it worth $300 more than the cost of the 4a? Let’s have a bit of fun comparing them!
Discover the Pixel 5

5-prise Jack.png

The new Pixel 4a: It isn’t perfect, but we love it!

In a world where we are spellbound by high-end phones that cost over $1,500, we sometimes forget that good, affordable phones still exist. In the last few weeks, I had the pleasure of testing Google’s Pixel 4a. Here’s what I liked in particular.
Discover the Google Pixel 4a


See Samsung flex with the Galaxy Note20 Ultra

In August, South Korean Samsung unveiled its latest iteration of the high-end Galaxy Note20. They’ve added the word Ultra to the name, and it's easy to see why!
Discover the Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra


Samsung’s new foldable smartphone: the Galaxy Z Flip

Curious about the device’s features and unexpected components? Here are all the details for this new foldable phone...
Discover the Galaxy Z Flip

S20 YouTube.png

Introducing the new Samsung S20 5G series

The latest Galaxy generation offers powerful mobile devices, revolutionary cameras and 8K video resolution. This is a new world to discover and try out!...
Discover the Samsung S20 5G series


The future of TVs live from CES 2020

This year, the Consumer Electronic Show (CES) was all about going big–everything was 8K and TVs were ridiculously large... There were even some 24-foot TVs!...
TV innovations, designs and news for 2020


Discovering Helix: the Helix app

If you have a compatible iOS or Android device, you should try the Helix app!..
Use to watch content anywhere, without consuming data


Discovering Helix: Kids Zone

The Kids Zone is a section within Helix that consolidates all content intended for children. It’s a safe space featuring free, age-appropriate content...
Worry-free entertainment for kids


Discovering Helix: Voice command

Just press the voice command button, ask for something and Helix will show you content that meets your needs...
The advantages of voice command


Discovering Helix: Unboxing

I love new technologies (for better and sometimes for worse), so I was very eager to try Videotron’s Helix system!..
Interesting Helix features


Google Keynote 2019

Google once again chose a gorgeous October day to invite tech journalists to New York to introduce its latest products...
Highlights of the presentation on the new Google products


Test run: the new Samsung Galaxy Note10+

I’ve had the pleasure of giving the Samsung Galaxy Note10+ a test run over the past few days. Here are my first impressions...
Discover the Samsung Galaxy Note10+

MotoZ4 - Flashgray - PDP HERO.png

Motorola moves forward with its signature mods and fresh improvements

In a nutshell, mods let you customize your phone to suit your needs. Motorola has developed a series of peripheral devices (mods) that you can stick to the back of your phone by way of built-in magnets...
Discover the Moto Z4 and its mods


The year of foldable phones is off to a strong start!

2019 was barely underway when three manufacturers tossed their hats into the ring with their new products: the Royole FlexiPai, the Samsung Galaxy Fold and the Huawei Mate X...
Flexible screens transform mobile phones