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See Samsung flex with the Galaxy Note20 Ultra

In August, South Korean Samsung unveiled its latest iteration of the high-end Galaxy Note20. They’ve added the word Ultra to the name, and it's easy to see why! The Galaxy Note20 Ultra’s specs are ...


Mathieu Roy, Technology Correspondent

A tech enthusiast, Mathieu Roy is a host and correspondent who has made a name for himself in the Quebec media over the past 20 years. His knack for simplifying technology and social media topics h...


QUB musique, a music platform made for Quebec

Want to discover a brand new music platform while supporting a local product designed specifically for Quebeckers? Download QUB musique and take advantage of the launch offer! QUB for our people QU...


Videotron’s generous All-Inclusive plans

Choose an All-Inclusive plan and relax. We’ll take care of everything! In today’s telecommunications market, trying to find what’s right for you can get confusing as you browse through an endless var...


Stay connected

Here are a few helpful articles during the confinement period. Helix, what does it offer exactly? Helix offers more than just entertainment. It adapts to your connected life to brighten...


“My phone is not a toy!”

That’s what most of us say when we don’t want our kids to use our mobile devices. And it’s true, a $700 phone is definitely not a toy. That said, phones and tables are undeniably a source of e...


A match made in digital heaven?

I went off the dating market some eight years ago, back when Iron Man 2 came out and the first iPad was released. There were plenty of dating sites back then, but nothing that compares to today's...


Mobile: How to manage your data usage

It’s not always easy to know how much data you’ve used on your mobile device, especially when you’re using mobile Internet on your cellphone for the first time. By Michel Baril, your PRO. W...


The NOTE is dead, long live the NOTE!

On August 19, 2016, Samsung released its now-famous Galaxy NOTE 7. Within 10 days, users were reporting that the device was overheating and in some cases catching fire. Pictures of charred Gal...


Data usage: The top 5 worst offenders

When you connect to the Internet on your cell phone and can’t access a Wi-Fi network, there are five activities that you should be careful about so that you don’t exceed your data limit. By Mic...