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We tested Visual Voicemail, and here’s what we think

No time to listen to voicemail? Now you can save time with Visual Voicemail! We tested this paid feature, available on iPhone and Android devices, which allows voicemails to be displayed as a list so...


Pre-travel checklist

Travelling soon? You probably have a million things on your mind! Here’s a handy list of essentials you need to prepare before you leave. To make things easier, download the printable version. G...


7 tips for an amazing Igloofest

From January 18 to February 10, 2024, Videotron invites you to unleash the yeti in you at Igloofest Montréal! As proud partners of the 16th edition of this mythical electronic music festival, we wa...


From 1G to 5G: A brief history of mobile networks

Thanks to your phone, you can video chat with your teenager, remotely unlock the door for them, and send them spending money. Just a regular Tuesday. Yet all that was impossible not so long ago! Today...


12 dos and don’ts when using a public Wi-Fi network

Feel like studying at a coffee shop or teleworking from a public location? Be careful when using open Wi-Fi networks. Hackers love how easy they are to connect to; it makes it more straightforward ...


Locating your friends with your mobile phone

Festival season is in full swing, so grab your squad and join the crowd! You’ll have your phone handy to take great pictures, of course, but did you know that your device can also help you find you...


8 signs your mobile phone is dying

Your mobile phone is not working properly, but you’re reluctant to replace it. You know that its death is imminent, but you’re not ready to face it. Maybe you’re attached to your device, or maybe you...


5G: Increased connectivity

5G networks to increase connectivity Once implemented, 5G technology will bring benefits that will enhance many aspects of our daily lives. In particular, it will improve connectivity capacity, allow...


5G: the Speed of the Future

A 5G network to kick into high gear Once deployed, the new 5G technology will improve many aspects of our day-to-day lives that we may not be aware of thanks to its many benefits. One of them is its ...


5G: practically no latency

5G technology to reduce latency Once fully deployed, 5G technology will bring significant improvements to various aspects of our daily lives. For example, its lower latency, combined with ultrafast s...