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8 reasons to switch to VoLTE

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VoLTE (Voice over LTE) is a technology that allows you to make and receive calls, and exchange text messages over the LTE network. This is the call-routing technology that follows 3G. It has a lot of benefits, and it has become essential for communicating in the United States. 


If you subscribe to a Videotron Mobile plan, you have access to VoLTE. All you need is a compatible mobile device and SIM card. Find out why switching to VoLTE is important and what benefits it provides.


1. Broader network coverage

The LTE network is larger than the 3G network. As a result, when you use VoLTE, you can access the network in areas 3G doesn’t reach. So, you get to enjoy a bigger mobile playground!


2. Fewer dropped calls during travel

On the 3G network, calls are dropped when you switch to a Partner network. However, with VoLTE, network transfer is virtually seamless.


3. Use in the United States

3G cannot be used in the US as it is no longer supported by the major service providers. This includes Puerto Rico, the US Virgin Islands, Alaska, and Hawaii. If you travel to the United States, even only occasionally, use a phone and SIM card that support VoLTE. Otherwise, you won’t be able to contact emergency services with your phone, for example.


4. Wi-Fi call access

This very convenient travel service allows you to reduce or even avoid roaming charges when you are abroad, because your calls and text messages are sent over the Wi-Fi network. You can make calls to Canada and local calls in 120 countries free of charge. Wi-Fi Calling can only be accessed if the VoLTE feature is enabled on your mobile device.


5. Better data speed during a call

If you use data while making a VoLTE call, it is transmitted over the LTE network (not 3G), ensuring optimal speed. This means that a call received while driving does not slow down the use of your GPS, for example.


6. Better audio quality

The VoLTE calls between Videotron customers are HD audio quality—an improvement over 3G calls.


7. Faster routing of calls

VoLTE calls are transmitted faster2 to 3 seconds faster according to some sources. This is not a decisive argument for switching to VoLTE, of course, but it is nevertheless a small and noteworthy advantage.


8. No changes to your invoice and services

Use of VoLTE is included in your plan and does not result in any additional charges. Without VoLTE, you don’t get to enjoy the full potential of your plan!


How do I switch to VoLTE?

Switching to VoLTE requires two things: a mobile phone and a SIM card compatible with VoLTE. You can immediately check to see if your phone is on the list of compatible devices. Full information on VoLTE activation can be found on our page How to use VoLTE. 


Want to switch devices to take advantage of the above benefits? All mobile phones that we currently sell are compatible with VoLTE. Check them out! 



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