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10 things to do when you get your new phone

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Got a new phone on Black Friday or over the holidays? Good for you! You deserve it. Now that you have your new device in hand and finished installing your SIM card, what else do you need to do? Here are a few tips to get off to a good start and not forget anything.


1. Transfer your contacts

While a mobile device is much more than just a phone for many of us, its primary function is to enable us to communicate with our network. Make sure you follow the correct procedure to transfer your contacts to your new Android or iPhone device.


2. Reconnect your accounts

Since this is a new device, you need to reconfigure your Google/Apple, messaging, and social media accounts. While this is quite a long and tedious process, we suggest that you do it once for all your accounts to avoid being slowed down every time you want to use a new application on your phone. Don’t forget to turn on automatic cloud backup, which could save you a lot of trouble!


3. Secure your device

Activate all security settings, starting with the PIN, password, or drawing to unlock your screen. Some devices also offer an unlocking feature using fingerprint or facial recognition. Take a moment to set up these options, as they will save you time in the long run. Lastly, consider protecting your device’s physical integrity by adding a screen protector and inserting it in a case. You never know if and when you’ll end up dropping your phone, so better safe than sorry!


4. Manage your data

Is your new phone so awesome that you’re afraid you’ll never be able to go without it? Make sure to set data usage limits right away to avoid overage fees. If you have an Android device, you can set up a warning (if you trust yourself) or a data block (if you’re your own worst enemy) once you’ve reached your limit.


5. Connect to Wi-Fi for updates and downloads

One of the most effective ways to limit data use is to connect to a Wi-Fi network. Once that’s done, things like updates and downloads of your favourite movies or shows, which can consume a lot of data, will use the Wi-Fi network instead. An easy way to avoid overage fees.


6. Do your updates

While you’re connected to a Wi-Fi network, take the opportunity to make any necessary updates. This will ensure your device works like a charm, while giving you access to the latest features and enhancements the manufacturer offers.


7. Check your accessories

Devices are typically sold with a charging outlet. Check that it’s working properly and that your phone is charging normally. Make sure you have headphones that are compatible with your new phone. It’s common knowledge that iPhone headphone jacks change from one generation to the next. You may need a small adapter to use your old ones.


8. Go through the settings

It’s finally time for the fun part! Adjust your display preferences and localization settings, for example. Also, consider changing your background image. How about a picture of your cat or grandmother? You can also browse the default image bank for inspiration. While you’re at it, don’t forget your ringtone! Have fun finding one that truly represents you, whether it’s the classic phone ring sound or the Star Wars theme. Or you could pick one that’ll turn heads, that’s up to you.


9. Add your favourite apps

If you didn’t follow our sound advice in step 2, where we suggested that you reinstall everything at once to avoid headaches later, this is the time to add your must-have apps. See? Even rebels like you need to follow the rules eventually.


10. Download the Videotron app

You’re almost there! Only one minor download left: the User Centre + app. It’ll enable you to manage your account, invoices, and various Videotron services directly from your mobile device.


You’re all set to get the most out of your new device! However, if you’re unsure if you can complete all of these steps on your own, feel free to drop by one of our stores and ask for Counter Services. One of our agents will be happy to help you set up your phone.