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8 signs your mobile phone is dying

Community Manager
Community Manager


Your mobile phone is not working properly, but you’re reluctant to replace it. You know that its death is imminent, but you’re not ready to face it. Maybe you’re attached to your device, or maybe you’re worried about being overwhelmed by the technologies that have come out since you first bought it. Don’t worry! Whatever the case may be, you’ll quickly become familiar with your new device, making it easy to forget the old one. Remember, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.


Here are 8 signs that it’s time to bid your old mobile phone farewell.


1. Your battery discharges quickly

If you charge your phone fully at night and need to recharge it by midday, it’s a sign that it’s time for a new phone. On average, a battery lasts 3 to 5 years, depending on how you use your device. According to Apple, an iPhone can be fully recharged at least 500 times before the battery capacity drops to 80%. When your battery capacity is below this threshold, midday phone recharges will become more frequent. Until you replace your device, check out our tips to preserve battery life.


2. Your screen is broken or not working properly

Is your touchscreen unresponsive? How inconvenient! Touchscreens are sensitive and can degrade over time. If your device screen is cracked or shattered, it is highly likely that you will no longer be able to communicate with your device. Your screen has sustained damage that is invisible to the naked eye, and this has spoiled the internal sensors.


3. Your device is slow

If a word appears on your screen five seconds after you’ve typed the last letter, your cell phone circuits may be getting old. Before you decide that the problem is phone degradation, ensure that the lagging is not caused by a poor network connection or by multiple applications running at the same time, which can slow processing capacity while draining the battery faster.


4. Your phone no longer receives manufacturer updates

Your last update was . . . can’t remember when? Do it now! Here’s how to check the current OS version installed on your device and perform a manual update.



  1. Go to Settings > General > Software Update. The screen displays the current iOS version installed.
  2. If an update is available, click Download and Install.


  1. Open Settings.
  2. Select Software Update or System, then System Update.


5. Your phone overheats

When you can no longer hold your phone in your hands because it is so hot, it has reached the point of no return. The same applies if your device overheats when not in use; all indications are that its internal components are beyond normal wear and tear. Don’t wait too long, as overheated phones can explode (seriously)!


6. Your phone is not compatible with the latest networks

All good things come to an end. This is what happened to 3G, which has been completely abandoned in the United States. Your phone must therefore be compatible with the LTE network and the VoLTE feature if you want to visit our neighbours to the south. A newer device will also give you access to many more modern, cost-effective features. 


7. Your charging or headset port works intermittently

You don’t want to let your phone decide when to give you “permission” to charge it or listen to your favourite music or podcasts. If inserting a connector into a port turns into a fight, which you most often lose, then it’s time to change cellphones.


8. Your device restarts randomly or for no reason

You’re in the middle of an important conversation when all of a sudden, the call drops. You grab your phone, only to realize it has decided to . . . reboot. Just like that, without warning and without your having rebooted it. And this is not the first time. Frustrating, right? You know what to do.


If, after reading this article, you conclude that your mobile phone is seriously ill or incurable, why not explore our mobile phones? You’ll certainly find a healthier device than the one you have now. Long live your new companion!


Last update: January 23, 2024