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Broken iPhone


Broken iPhone

I broke my Iphone six months after buying it.

How long is my warranty? @dellad


Re: Broken iPhone

Le site est en français **blip**!!!!


Re: Broken iPhone

By default you have a year for warranty with the Vendor in your case with Apple but you have to call Videotron first.

Extra warranty is also possible with Videotron

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Re: Broken iPhone

Hi Jim, 


You can check on this page if your warranty is expired or not :


Thanks Smiley Happy !


Re: Broken iPhone

he said he broke his phone though.  I thought the device was warranted against defects, etc for up to 1 year from purchase, but not for accidental breakage.

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Re: Broken iPhone

Hi Rorielly,


Indeed accidental dammages are not covered by the one year warranty that is applicable by default. However, if the Customer has subscribed to the Apple care warranty, the covered period is 2 years and any dammage is covered. However, there is a service charge of 129$+taxes if you use the warranty.


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