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Re: A little disappointed with my new Samsung 4K PVR
I noticed something odd last night. One of my chanels (651) does not longer shows on the guide but the unit keeps recording from it.  I have previously set it to record Marvel Inhumans and last night when I was trying to tune in to see it live it was not there nor did it showed on the upcoming recordings.  So I watched the show on 607 instead and recorded it too.  This morning, I got both recordings showing on my unit. Really ackward, will need to reach out to tech support I guess.
Re: A little disappointed with my new Samsung 4K PVR
And to make things worst, I have my 4k pvr delivered and installed on saturday. To my surprise Videotron does not provides the unit with a 4K rated HDMI cable, so I habe to go get one. Which is not a problem, just a real inconvinience and odd that with such a high tech device and company this was a big oversight.
Re: Partner network data connectivity issues
Will it be possible to know the reason for this, if it is recurring or not and a general solution for those of use who might experience this when moving out of coverage area?
Re: pricing questions
If you have not bought the phone yet, check to see which one will be best for you between the Note8 and the S8+.  As for the size the Note is 6.3 and the S8+ 6.2, the battery is larger on the S8+ If you have acquired the Note8 already, do you mind posting your findings on this post: Note8 Smart Focus ? Thanks
Re: A little disappointed with my new Samsung 4K PVR
Will you be kind enough to let us know when this update is deploiyed?We recently acquired a 4k TV (cheapest I could find) and are considering in getting that terminal for it and send the HD pvr downstairs.