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Re: Et le gagnant du LG G6+ est...
@cuddles2539 Hey, une fois tu auras l'appareil en main, faits nous savoir tes commentaires stp.
Re: Phone unlock
@BB-8 Can you tell me if you finally did it?  How easy was the process?I'm still waiting for the flux of demands to go down, I guess they might still be lots of people asking to be unlocked daily.
Re: Our impressions on the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 on video!
Bons observations mais l'emplacement du lecteur d'empreintes pourrait être amélioré.Avez-vous essayer le note avec DEX?  Le commentaire de nudiste cellulaire m'a fait rire!
Re: Planned obsolescence: Fact or fiction?
Good reading and good advise.  I will also like to point that devices might be getting slow not only because it is just a new OS version installed on top of the old one, but sometimes applications that were downloaded are not necessarily optimized for the new code.  But I agree that a clean install fixes most of the issues that might cause a device to slow down.