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Re: AMC??
... and to add insult to injury, I just got an email stating that the 15 Channel Show-Time option will increase 95 cents and the Internet Hybrid Fibre 120 will increase 1 dollar per month. Talk about bad timing.
Re: AMC??
Yep, got the same letter. I wonder if AMC raised their prices or is Videotron cutting costs? I'm thinking of Bell as well but are they thinking of cutting AMC as well. Not worth jumping over if Bell cuts AMC as well down the line.
Re: A little disappointed with my new Samsung 4K PVR
Well, first of all, happy new year to everyone! Since I first started this thread, there has been 2 firmware updates. Neither of which addressed any of the issues I listed in my first post. So, who checked off the 'Solved' box? I had hoped that by now, something would have improved. Let's hope that the new year soon brings some improvements.
Re: A little disappointed with my new Samsung 4K PVR
Well, the firmware on my PVR has been upgraded once again to version from and once again I do not see any user available changes.  Anyone else get this upgrade and notice something I missed?