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problems adding HELIX TV to existing HELIX INTERNET account at competitive price


because we moved service addresses around the time of helix launch, we were aggressively convinced to switch to helix internet. it was new at the time and there were limited tv bundles. 


now we are trying to add helix tv services and after three calls with customer service and a visit to a videotron kiosk, no one is able to offer anything like the promotional bundle pricing i see on or with bell. 


i even had one phone rep change my plan, add helix tv at a price we didnt agree upon, and was then unable to remove it. she promised me a call-back the next day, and when no one called i had to call in and explain the situation myself. none of the reps understood the notes the previous one had left, and none offered me the deal the original rep *thought* she was giving me which was clearly reflected in the notes. 


9+ years with videotron and i think this is the worst customer experience ive had. if senior management pulled the recordings of these three calls they would be embarrassed. 


has anyone had a similar problem? more importantly, has anyone successfully added tv/built a bundle around an existing helix internet account?