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Package Channels


I have been on the phone with customer service three or, four times now about my channel line up. Although, I am supposed to be able to change my channel line up once every 30 days, on my TV and in my customer center, I have not been able to do so. Any link that I click on leads me to an error page with a message to call  and so I have called ....... and called ......

So, BBC Canada is no longer available and apparently, a random channel replaced it in my package. I want to switch out that random channel with Starz. I have asked if this is a premium channel and I was told not. The reps that I have spoken with say, give it time. They call me back and it's still not working. They call back again, and again, it's still not working. I was told I would have another call back yesterday. Never received it.

Is there anyway to fix this issue myself?