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Helix App on NVidia Shield TV


I just subscribed to the Helix App offer.  I have two streaming devices in different parts of the house.  One is an Amazon Fire TV 4K Max, and the other is an NVidia Shield TV (which I much prefer over the Amazon device).


I am really frustrated because the Helix app is readily available through Google Play on the Amazon device, but is NOT available for the Shield.  I spent an hour combing through the available apps and could not find it.  I had to resort to Sideloading the Helix APK which I don't like doing.


Am I missing something?  Why isn't the Helix app directly available for the Shield devices?


Moderator - Solution Expert
Moderator - Solution Expert

Hello FFFern! 


Presently, the Helix TV App is available for Android 7+ and iOS 13+ devices as well as Fire tablets, Fire TV Stick, Fire TV Cube : ​Fire OS or Android 7.0+. Other devices using the Android operating system may also be able to use the application, but on a case by case basis. Their compatibility has not been tested and is not garanteed.


We are constantly working on making our applications available for as many types of devices as possible, so it is possible that the application will be available for the Nvidia Shield TV in the future but we cannot confirm if or when that will be the case at this time.


Thank you for your understanding! 


Have a great day,