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Change channels , surf channels


When I change channels with the helix remote control (CH button), it takes me to channels that are not free to me. How can I surf channels and only go to the channels free to me?


Has this been resolved?


tagging other users that posted in a previous post about this issue in case there is a solution. 

@danmitch1 , @PatrickM , @JD , @CedrikS  , @Frootch 


Moderator - Solution Expert
Moderator - Solution Expert

Hi Jose,

This has indeed been asked by many customers, but there is no way right now to navigate through only your channels using the CH rocker. This being said, you can activate the "Free Channels" filter in the program guide to navigate a filtered list there.

Thank you!


Hello @jose ,  replying only because you tagged me.

From my experience, it is impossible to only surf your chosen channels. You will always have the full grid of channels to go through. 

PascalP replied that you can setup the system to only display Free Channels, which are the ones you selected in your package. Then you can use the filtered program guide (not the CH buttons) to navigate only your channels. 

The issue is, that when you shut down your terminal, it does not retain this setting. So you have to do it all over again. 


At least thats how it was for me just before I decided to cancel the 24 months contract before the end of the 30 day trial. It's absolutely worse than illico and a real shame that Videotron decided to go with such a bad system. 

I'm now using an antennae that gives me 19 awesome HD quality channels for free. Took some time to adjust not having a tv box with all the channels, the ability to pause live TV and record shows...but you know what? After 2  weeks, nobody at home really miss it. Even the kids


Over The Air TV, Youtube, Netflix, Amazon Prime and Crave gives us all enough to watch.