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renogatiation of present arrangement

I have asked for a new rate for my internet since I found 100Mbps was way too much being a senior I only look at movies on  Netflix which after inquiring I only need 5Mbps.  To my surprise, they sent me another ' contract' to which I have not adhered to yet since I only requested a quote, and not at all what I wanted.  How can I  cancel this new 'contract' which is not at all what I asked for....and can you believe I am already being charged for exceeding my transfer capacity which they have set at 150 GB this is totally not what I asked for.....incredible.


Super utilisateur
Super utilisateur

The only "contracts" that exist are for cell phone lines.

Internet services are not bound to that.


If you want to request a change, just give customer services a call.


Moderator - Solution Expert
Moderator - Solution Expert



We definitely want to help you resolve any issue. We will send you a private message.


- Yannick