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Win a Samsung Galaxy Note8!

Rédacteur Web

... We’re giving away two of them, but to have a chance to win you need to explain why the Note8 is the device for you.


You have until september 30th to tell us what grabs you about the Galaxy Note8!


Full Contest rules here :



My to be wife and I have been huge fans of Samsung for as long as we can remember. With recent financial trouble we haven't been able to upgrade to the latest and great Samsung note 8. This device would allow us to upgrade from our old Samsung s5 and s6 phones to a device that would be a huge life saver in productivity. With her in university and me in a very heavy planning and note taking job, the note would be perfect to keep out lives running smoothly. Plus the amazing camera and screen would let us share all the family photos we could ask for! Thank you for this opportunity Videotron!


- Very happy mobile customer and proud Videotron user

I should win a note 8 because I had two note 7's last year and was forced to send them back. That turned me off of Samsung last year but I would love the non-exploding note 8!

What I like is the 6.3 inch screen and the s-pen I think is a cool gadget to have

I would like to win it to take some amazing pictures of my new grandson

What do i like about the samsung galaxy note? Whats not to like?! Nice big screen, great sound quality, amazing pictures, never lags, and the speed of the phone is just amazing. I would do anything to be able to use this phone.
Everything about this phone is amazing.
This phone is for me because it would make life simpler. With kids and a busy schedule this phone would allow me to keep track of all mine and my children's activities and events, it would allow me to take amazing pictures at any time, and it would be a good distraction for my kids if ever they need one.

The Samsung galaxy note 8 is the phone for me and my sister because we LOVE everything Samsung mostly the notes from getting the first note to the note 7 last year... when we found out the note 7 was coming out we couldn't wait to get it when we got it 2 or 3 weeks later it's up for recall we were so sad we waited until the last minute to give it up because we love it so much... now the note 8 is out and we want to get them we would love to win the note 8 so much please pick us

This is the most advanced phone in the market right now with the biggest screen.

The Note 8 is the right size for a guy like me with big hands. The inclusion of the stylus pen in such a device is a must to increase productivity as well as to have fun with the live messages feature. Lets not forget the 6gb RAM that will allow me to multitask like never before.  This phone is the right phone for me a number of reasons:


  1. It is the perfect comprimise between a phone and a tablet
  2. A well sounded and beautiful desing whith the infinity display to top it all off, who would not love that?
  3. This phone means business allowing you multitask and keep up with your work related apps, you can even install Knox to keep pleasure and business where they belong, Something that for sure I will exploit to the max.
  4. Enjoy the dual OIS setup on the dual camera lenses, have fun with my inner artist alter ego.
  5. Takes notes on the go buy just writing as you would on paper thanks to the included stylus pen.
  6. Solid, robust and water and dust resistant, one can't never be too careful.
  7. Do not forget the newly included bluetooth 5.0 allowing you to connect up to two devices at once, I will also be the life of the party. 

I mean this phone has it all and with it I will accomplish and do bigger things.

For years, I've never strayed from my HTC phone purchases but the Samsung Galaxy Note8 has demonstrated itself to be a phone full of beautiful specs, which would allow me to take pictures worthy of an art gallery and take videos like a pro. I would love to win this phone and capture the world through a Galaxy.

Greetings Vidéotron team,

Since the Note 4 (which was stolen from me, unfortunately), I have been looking forward to the day I get another one in this line of phones. I have always been impressed by how well it responds, the screen size and the pen that comes with it. Since I am a photographer, I like to have the ability to retouch photos on the go, especially in this day and age of Instagram. Having this phone will also grant me the opportunity to deliver mobile photography, which I will be glad to share with the community if I win. What I am most looking forward to is the 6.3" 1440p AMOLED Infinity Display, and the dual-lens camera system. Not to mention the build quality, not having to worry about dust filled environments and/or wet surfaces and surroundings.

Best regards,

6.3" Infinity Display and the S Pen!


My girlfriend and I used to play hangman with the Note 3 I had years back with the S-Pen. Definietly would love to be able to do that again.


Also, the s-pen would make jotting down notes during meetings a cinch and would help replace my Surface Pro 4.


I've always been a fan of Samsung phones since the S3, but the huge and gorgeous screen is what really sets the Note appart from the rest. I definately need a new phone as the screen is ruined on my phone, as well as some GPS issues, which makes things difficult since I travel a lot!

Thanks for the opportunity to stay with an amAzing phone my first cell was a samsung flip phone and i have never lost the love for these phones i have been using the samsung galaxy note 3 for over 3 years and even though its an old phone. It still works great . never had to change the screen . i deaerve this phone because i need a new good reliable phone . i work on the road as a truck driver and need top of the line fast and reliable phones and with the new battery technology and sleak new looks ill reach my clients with a great new confidence.

I am in the need a of new phone since I will no longer have one furnished from work. Also, Samsung has a great product there and it should be a big seller ffor them!

I would love to win the latest and the greatest technology in mobile phones such as this one, the SAMSUNG Galaxy Note8 ! The dual camera/video recorder is super fun to have and the size and the light weight (195 g) of the phone is perfect to have in my hands or in my pocket !Merci pour cette belle opportunité de gagner se magnifique telephone avec photo et video et pour son poids de 195g. WOW !

All that storage space! My wife and I are having twins and her old phone is constantly "out of space". She's going to need a lot more room for all the baby pictures.

I am a huge fan is Samsung phones. I also want a bigger screen as my Galaxy S8 is just cutting it screen size wise. I also think the s pen will be really useful as I love taking notes by hand. The HOT feature also sounds amazing. Having a top of the line Samsung phone is what I'm all about. I also love all of the preloaded Samsung apps, although some people prefer the stick android experience. I for one think the Samsung web browser is one of the most light weight and fastest browsers available on android. Thanks if I win!!!



Ma fille fini son secondaire 5 en juin 2018 et j'aimerais bien lui en offrir un.