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Weird Partner network issues


I was away recently for a week on holidays. The Videotron setup for partner networks gave me grief during this travel. Basically Bell seemed to unwilling to allow me to use their towers especially for any type of data.  Where we happened to have our rental cottage the strongest cell signal was from either Bell or Telus aka Videotron PTRNR2. The only way I was able to get service was to force my cell phone to use Videotron PTRNR1 aka Rogers. I use very little data and was not being blocked for usage. I got nowhere with Videotron support trying to figure out why I was unable to leverage Videotron PTRNR2 that whole period of travel.

Normally from my home auto network selection works and uses a Videotron tower by default. Forcing Rogers works too. Three Videotron PTRNR2 appear once each for LTE and 3G. I believe two of those for cell tower 219050 refuse to allow connections both using LTE and 3G. From home I can never connect to the strongest Videotron PTRNR2 i.e. Bell cell tower eNB 219050 in Kanata, ON. The error there is different though as it won't connect at all vs. simply connecting and refusing to provide any data service.

Using Cell Mapper I can see the phone trying to connect to that Bell cell tower using various frequencies and failing each time.


Anyone know why that is or why Bell seemed to not allow data at all during my travel in Ontario?



Moderator - Solution Expert
Moderator - Solution Expert


PRTNR2 usage is reserved only for areas where Videotron and Rogers are not available, regardess of signal strength. 

Hope this helps answer why that behaviour was encountered!