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My first experience with Customer Service

I am having a terrible first time experience with Videotron customer service. I signed up my 4 lines with one line on a 2 year contract with a new iPhone. After talking for 2 hrs with Videotron rep including going through credit check, I was told it passed and I should expect my phone and the 4 SIM cards delivered in 4 days.

With TELUS, I can run to their store on the same day and get my phones setup. No worries, I’ll be patient with Videotron and wait. After 6 days, no delivery, so I called Videotron and I was told they didn’t have a record of my credit check that is why there was no delivery coming. I asked why I wasn’t at least contacted. I was told they didn’t have a record of my phone number. I mean what kind of phone company loses a client’s phone number??

I was so upset I asked for the customer rep that I dealt with before to call me back.

While waiting for a call, I’m posting in this forum hoping to share my experience.

Just found this, really odd indeed.  First time I heard such a thing.  I have never had a bas experience with them. I got 4 lines on my account, I brought my dad from another carrier, brought a co-worker, and soon my son's girfriend too and it has always gone smoothly.


I will have to admit that upgrading phones at any of their Kiosk is always time consuming, but you should see what the poor sales reps have to go thru to make all happen (discounts, credits, special plans and offers), some times they have to reach someone on the other end and wait for 15-30 mins to get an answer.  Sales reps on the floor have to really like what they are doing and be patient with both customers and their supervisor on the line.  Why do they have to call in for stuff to be approved, only they know. I guess that those on an isle in a mall, could be justified; but for those that do work at a boutique at a mall or down the street I fail to say why there is not someone on the spot, really waste of their time and the customers in that case.


I will love to see how this one ended.