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How long may I use Vidéotron number outside Canada?

I'm new to Vidéotron,  just transfer my number from bell. After doing some research, I am worried about using Vidéotron while travelling outside Canada. I have a plan to travel outside Canada for more than six months outside Canada next year and I don't gonna use daily traveler pass because it's too expensive. But I do need to receive text messages and incoming calls during my travels. My question is, will Vidéotron block my service if I travel outside Canada for more than 3 months? It's not clear on the website but there is information about partner network, Note that when your usage of partners network 2 (calls, SMS and/or data) exceeds 50% of your total usage for 3 consecutive billing cycles, access to partner networks 2 will be blocked for 30 days. Since I travel outside Canada, is that roaming network also included in partner networks?


Moderator - Solution Expert
Moderator - Solution Expert

Hello! The partner network rule only applies while you are in Canada, once you step outside of the country, you are roaming and it will not be part of a partner network.


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