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Windows live mail error 0X800C013E after WIN10 feature 2004

I copied the link to the solution at Microsoft after translating it into english (now in bold print). Here it is and it worked for me, after spending an hour searching unnecessarily with Videotron tech support whose fault it wasn't. I also got a few dozen previously deleted messages reappearing in my inbox and sent box. In all the previous upgrades to WIN10, there has never been a snag with Windows Live Mail.



Windows Live Mail (2012) error 0X800C013E after installing WIN10 feature 2004


Close Windows Live Mail.

In the registry under

Computer \ HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ SOFTWARE \ Microsoft \ Windows Live Mail

create these 3 DWORD entries (I didn't have them) or change them to 1 if available

RecreateFolderIndex = 1
RecreateStreamIndex = 1
RecreateUIDLIndex = 1

Restart Windows Live Mail. Then the message display goes back to normal for me and the 3 values in the registry are reset to 0. Can be left like this.

For me, the account display in WLM with several accounts after the Windows Update 2004 was corrupt. This is also fixed.



Thank you for posting these instructions, I updated today to win10 2004 and right away had issues with two mail accounts on my window live mail 2012 not working(out of 4 accounts), your instructions saved me time and headaches..Thanks! 


I would like to thank you for your post. Most appreciated. I believe that after a W10 Microsoft Update on Aug 12/2020 my Windows Live Mail 2012 would no longer receive/send e-mail nor could I export my e-mail folders. Trying to find someone or some suggestion to help is not an easy task. I thought worse case that I would have to reinstall Windows Live Mail and setup my e-mail accounts again. Sounds easy but it probably would not have been. There were many internet posts on the 0x800c013e error id but decided to try yours and it WORKED. Thanks again and you deserve a big yahoo from me.



Dude, thank You so much. You helped me a ton. I was searching for some kind of solution for 3 days. Others only sugested to backup and reinstall but for some reason i cant make a backup file in my WLM. You saved me. Thanks!

This worked for me though always nervous about editing the registry!


I cannot understand how MS can allow a W10 update to cause this WLM issue given the many, many users of WLM, even though it is no longer supported.


Thanks for sharing it is working great now....!