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Web access to space.ce go application for the Space channel

I have the Space channel in my package. The web page is for that channel. When I try to watch a video from one of their show on the web it ask that I logged in using my cable provider account. It then list the provider that can be used but Videotron is not listed. Does Videotron has any plan to be added as a provider for the web so we can viewed their video over the internet?


Moderator - Solution Expert
Moderator - Solution Expert

Hello Pellandl,

We currently have no information about the addition of Videotron as a provider on, but be assured that we will take your suggestion. 

Thank you!

I too was just dissapointed that I could not log in through videotron.  Makes you wonder about the available services offered when you see Bell and Rogers as options for this mainstream tv chaine but not Videotron.  In a time when more and more people are moving towards online tv watching I am suprised Videotron is not making more of an effort to be included next to their competitors as it is a glaring omission when you see the other providers listed...

I am quite disappointed in that answer.  I missed taping on my pvr the first few episodes of a tv series. I tried to watch them on Space Go and could not.  I logged into Illico to see if I had access to Space and there was no option.  I checked channel 900 for Space and there was no Space.    Will this ever by changed?

Moderator - Solution Expert
Moderator - Solution Expert

Hi @sbg4evr,


Unfortunately, we have no new details at the moment, we are sorry for the inconvenience. The offer is constantly evolving and our goal is to offer as many channels and contents as possible. Whenever broadcast rights and agreements with other providers will allow it, new channels and contents will be added to our on-demand content platforms. While we can't provide any definite confirmation at this point, these agreements could also include the "Go" apps provided by some TV stations as well. We certainly take note of your interest for Space and Space Go. Thank you.





It's been a year since this response was given by a Videotron rep. Yet there still doesn't seem to have been any change relative to our access to shows on TV apps for channels we subscribe to through Videotron (Space, CTV, City, etc.). Is this because the channels in question are owned by Bell or Rogers? I don't understand what the hold-up is. At the very least, you should provide us access to them through Illico On Demand.