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unable to connect Helix router through DNS server

Before with my old router I had to connect a wireless router and I was able to add an DNS server to stop adult websites which the new Helix system does but I was also able to block dating sites and anything else I specifically wanted to block. Now with the Helix these dating apps are not blocked and unfortunately they are starting to spam and pop up on my children's laptops. My wife and I want this to stop so I tried to configure a DNS address with the Helix system and it seems I cannot do it. So is there a way to connect my router to the helix and use my router to broadcast the wifi? I would prefer to not do this seeing I had bought pods to extend the range of my Helix system in my house or can my pods connect to my router as well?
Thank you



IMO you are better with a separate router and turn off the WIFI on Helix. With the arrival of WIFI6, if you have devices (recent phones for example or even recent laptops) you get much faster WIFI. Also you can tailor your WIFI to your needs. This means that you can create a mesh network if you need one and can change the DNS. I personally use an ASUS router with WIFI6 and have setup Cloudflare's DNS as I rely on extremely short latency. Now if Helix upload speeds could move up so I can actually get good Teams calls... 

Seeing as you're using a service like OpenDNS to filter websites, you can manually configure the DNS settings on your childrens' laptops in the network settings.

Here's how to do it on Windows 10:

Or, if you're on an Apple computer:

Lastly, to cover the Chromebook (Chrome OS) users: