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Static routes on the Helix Fi Gateway2 (Arris TG4482A)



Can static routes be set on the Helix Fi Gateway2 (an Arris TG4482A)?

I have not found this on the router’s own internal web GUI, nor on the Helix Fi app.


My application: I have an internal router behind the Helix Gateway, which serves up my main home network. I also have a [third] router (running a more powerful and flexible firmware than the other two), which serves and isolates devices like Roku, Amazon TV, Google Home, and other IoT devices. I currently have this  connected to a LAN port of the internal router via its WAN port, which is a little backwards. I wish to connect it to the Helix Gateway (thus making it a 'peer' to the other router, with its WAN port on the same network as my second router's WAN port), but need some things to be routed to the 'internal' network(s), and vice-versa, as opposed to the default, which is the Internet.




P.S.: NOTE, I am NOT referring to port forwarding (or, of course, DMZ).


Moderator - Solution Expert
Moderator - Solution Expert

Greetings AnimeTron!


The Helix Gateway itself does not allow static routes or IP addresses. The Helix Gateway being used to provide the Television service as well as the Internet service at large, the application and firmware were both designed with ease of use in mind, which is one of the primary concern of the majority of our users. As a result, "power users" or users with specific needs requiring a non-standard network configuration may find that some advanced configuration options are not available. 


A workaround to this it to configure the Gateway in "Bridge" mode (essentially disabling its "router" functions, including Wi-Fi), then use a personal router as your "primary" router, which you can then configure to your specific needs. You will then be able to connect your other devices to that router and configure your network as needed. 

Doing so will however have a few consequences: 
1. The Band-Steering function, which allows the Gateway to connect devices to specific bands and channels as well as move devices from the gateway to relays seamlessly, will no longer be available. This means you will need to connect each device manually to the appropriate band and manually connect them to Wi-Fi relays if applicable
2. Helix Wi-Fi relays (pods) will no longer function, as they cannot work with the gateway in Bridge mode

3. We will no longer be able to analyze your network remotely. This means technical support will be limited with this configuration. 


You can activate Bridge mode from the Gateway's webGUI. 


I hope this helps!




Thanks, Jean-François! Sorry for the late reply, but I'm only seeing this now (I thought I'd be alerted when my post was answered, but I wasn't).

Not the answer I wanted, but I understand it.

I guess I'll try bridge mode, but I'll need to reconfigure several devices already connected.


BTW, I thought I'd try a workaround with port forwarding, but for some reason it (the HelixFi app) aways fails with a "We're Having Some Trouble" message. I've tried this connected directly to the gateway.