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Some apps do not work on wifi, but ok on LTE



I am having a strange issue where some of my applications on my phone are not working when using my Helix wifi, but work normally when I turn off the wifi on my phone and only use LTE.


I can browse normally on my phone when on wifi, and other apps work fine.


Ironically, I cannot use the Helix Fi app on my phone if the phone is connected to wifi, but the app works fine on LTE.


Would anyone have any suggestions?


Thank you


Moderator - Solution Expert
Moderator - Solution Expert

Hi James!

In Helix Fi, if you select the phone itself, does it show as being "paused" or if rules are set?

Hi Maya!


Everything went back to normal the next day 🙂

Not sure what happened but all is ok now

Thank you for the response 🙂